Apostle John Reed/Apostle LaTonya Reed


Apostle John Reed is an anointed Ambassador for the Kingdom of Heaven who received the Lord at the early age of 14. He started experiencing the manifestations of Gods glory in his life such as the deaf hearing, the blinded eyes opening, and a man that walked, who never walked in his life, then after prayer, he started running! 

Many legs, and arms have grown out to even length, along with many wondrous miracles to this day. One evening in prayer he saw the wrist of an angel pouring what looked and felt like liquid fire in his mouth which filled his spirit to the brim which was the anointing for ministry. On that same evening in June of 1987, he went home and prayed in tongues for about an hour and then the Lord Jesus himself, personally appeared to him in an open vision and spoke to him giving him a mandate, and mantle for ministry.

He was then licensed by Bishop Willie Robinson, and later on ordained by Bishop Ithiel Clemmons of the C.O.G.I.C into the gospel ministry in where he is a native from New York. The Lord called, appointed, anointed and mantled him later with a quadruple mantle as an Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, and Pastor. Apostle Reed is a spiritual Father to several Pastors.

Apostle Reed teaches exactly what Jesus taught concerning the Kingdom of God with revelation to expose the truth and to damage ignorance. Apostle Reed is not bound by religion, but set free by truth! Apostle Reed is known for his profound, dynamic and revelatory teaching of the Kingdom Word of God. His style of teaching causes the transformation of minds from religiosity to Kingdom thinking and manifestation. Apostle Reed is in full time ministry traveling the nation extensively with Kingdom power, Kingdom manifestations, teaching and receives a host of testimonies.

Part of his vision is to teach, train, equip and empower individuals to function using the keys of the Kingdom of God throughout the Earth with powerful Kingdom demonstrations. Apostle John & LaTonya Reed is the CEO of Apostle John & LaTonya Reed Ministries. Apostle Reed has been ministering for over 33 years. Apostle, Prophet Jean Domoraud and Pastor and Prophet Raymond Jones is his Apostolic covering.

Apostle Reed is also known for his accuracy in the prophetic, moving in all nine gifts of the Spirit, his dynamic inspirational quotes, miraculous signs following, as well as how he has a Ministry of FIRE. (Hebrews 12:29) 

Apostle Reed attended the C.H Mason College in New York, and received his Honorary Doctor of Theology and Doctorate of Divinity from Crossroads Christian Bible College, and he also matriculated at St Leos, and DeVry College as well.

Apostle Reed has a heart for the hurting, the lost, and those who are hungry for the Word of God. Apostle Reed is also the Author of 4 books. “A Kingdom Perspective of the Prophetic”, “Kingdom Quotes Volume 1 & 2”  and "Affecting the Atmosphere for the Kingdom of God", with more books to be released no later than February, 2019. He is married to the Love of his Life, Apostle & Prophetess LaTonya Reed who travels as well and works right by his side!


Apostle & Prophetess LaTonya Reed is a woman of God who alongside with her husband Apostle John Reed, is also the Leader of Kingdom Revelation Ministries & John & LaTonya Reed Ministries. LaTonya Reed is an anointed Apostle, Prophetess and Teacher. She heavily embraces her walk with the Lord. She’s been mantled as a Spiritual Mother as well with several sons and daughters.

Apostle Reed gave her life to the Lord at the tender age of 15. It was then that the Lord began to speak, train and try her in many different dimensions of life. Her testimony in itself will have you to your feet. What she’s endured encountered and overcame is enough to bring a person to want to know about the God she serves and is submitted to. 

Apostle LaTonya had AN AMAZING LITERAL ENCOUNTER WITH THE LORD AS THE LORD TOOK HER TO HEAVEN LITERALLY IN 2018! Every time she tells of that amazing journey, her countenance changes and the glory is clearly seen on her. Her encounters with the Lord are always simply indescribable.  There are times when she prays that a Glory Cloud has been seen sitting on her back!

She teaches in such a Kingdom, practical, captivating and revelatory way which will have you laugh, participate, grow, enjoy, and be edified all the way through. Her accurate prophetic delivery is on point as she simply yields to the Holy Spirit. 

She’s a Spiritual Rough Rider for the Lord. She lives on the scripture 1 Corinthians 2:9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” Through many, many, many, many trials and test even being molested by members of her family and being emotionally, physically and sexually abused as well God has seen her through it all TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! Apostle LaTonya J. Reed has been in ministry for over 18 years and moves in the gifts of the Spirit accordingly.

Apostle LaTonya Reed is the Author of, "Living In The I Shall Not Want", an amazing book for Pastors, Congregants, and for all children of the King who needs understanding in Living in the I shall not want.

LaTonya Reed is happily married to this awesome and dynamic man of God!!!!! “Apostle John Reed”, whom she loves with all her body, soul and spirit and he has taught her so, so, so, so, much about the Kingdom and it’s a continuation that will never end. When God joined them together, two ministries came together as one. They have three beautiful children ZaNeishia, Ishmael and Jakia along with one grandson. Apostle LaTonya is currently enrolled in UOG (University of God) and has a business degree from Shorter College.