Enjoy a few Kingdom Word Clips as the Apostles are moving with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God with the Prophetic, Healing's, Testimonies and of course the Word!

New Videos  are Added Frequently!

Apostle John Reed prophesied a Word to Damian Burris, and Burris thought he missed it, but sure enough, the Word came to pass! A Must hear and listen. SEE and HEAR this prophetic testimony!

Apostle LaTonya Reed Stays in the Presence of the Lord for Hours at a Time. Her Commanding Anointing as an Apostle , Prophetess and Teacher is so Amazing, that while she is just flowing, it will not surprise us if you got Healed by just Watching this clip!

Apostle John & Apostle LaTonya Reed Prophetically uttering so much of what the Lord is going to do including, Names, Ages, Spouse, Ministry, Son, Life, and so much of what the Lord is doing and going to do. As a UPDATED RESULT - RESULT, EVERY WORD HAS ALREADY CAME TO PAST and so much more!!!!

Apostle John Reed Prophesying Frankfurters and Sauerkraut!

Apostle John Reed - No Matter where you are sitting in the service, when the Lord wants to encourage you, he can and he will!

Apostle John Reed prophesies how long the Lord has been with this Child of the King!

Apostle John Reed Prophetically Calling Names! 

Apostle John Reed Ministering Kingdom!

Apostle John & Apostle LaTonya Reed going forth prophetically!

Apostle John Reed  - Teaching on Kingdom Dominion

Apostle's John & LaTonya Ministering, and then the Lord moved where an ARM GREW OUT TO EVEN LENGTH!

Apostle LaTonya Reed - Kingdom Audits

Apostle LaTonya Reed - Kingdom Business of Prayer

ARM GREW OUT TO EVEN LENGTH, Young man was so shocked, he wiped tears, walked out, and then received the Lord as his Lord in the Parking Lot!

SCOLIOSIS HEALED RIGHT IN SERVICE and her mother is a professional masseuse therapist and verified the straightening of the curved bones! 

Prophecy Fulfilled concerning a light colored house with a little brick!

Apostle John Reed pointed to a Lady that was in the back of the service and said " I don't care where you live, the woman with her hand up, it don't matter, because God is going to move you, because what God has for you, is better than what you have for you!" HEAR THIS TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!!